Who are we



Our co-founders Mareno de Kort and Ivan de Goeyse were having dinner in their town of Antwerpen when Ivan mentioned that he had always wanted light up shoes when he was young but unfortunately never could convince his parents to buy them for him.

Mareno immediately picked up his phone and started a google search for light up sneakers. Unfortunately there were few results and the ones that did come up were of very poor quality with LED’s that resembled children light up shoes.

They decided they should order 2 pairs of the least ugly ones anyway and try them out on a night out. These shoes had bright red LED’s in them and lit up every time they hit the ground so they couldn’t wear them to the restaurant or even the bar they visited after that.

It was then and there that they decided that someone needed to finally make a great light up shoe and that it would be them. They contacted the number 1 lighting company in the world and soon got one of their very best and most experienced lighting experts on board for this special project.

Leaving nothing to chance they quickly surrounded themselves with the very best in the global shoe-business, in the field of LED-technology and in special soles. It took 3 years of hard work, research, prototyping and teamwork and now they are here.

The ILLUMI Nightwalkers, light up shoes as they always should have been.