We’ve set out to create the best light up sneakers in the world.

The best light up shoes in the world. That was our goal, nothing less. Luxurious uniform light without LED-dots thanks to our patented technology, a beautiful LED shoe even when switched off, handmade of only the best materials and with adjustable light to fit every situation. A shoe that comes alive by the press of a button. This is the light up shoe as it always should have been.

Adjustable light

Fit for every situation. Off during the day, switch to ghost in a bar or restaurant, normal when going out or boost when you really want to stand out. Or try them with the motion sensitive setting and light up every step you take or move you make.

Try it

Select your mood




Select your mood

Select your intensity




Select your intensity

Double mini-usb adapter included

Just lift the footbeds and plug the double mini-USB adaptor in your Nightwalkers to recharge




LED's per shoe


Battery life
on normal.

Only the best.

We handpicked only the very best materials such as the world’s finest calfskin leather for our upper and lining, the most durable abrasion resistant TPU for our soles and of course only the most beautiful and best LED's and premium electronics for your handmade Nightwalkers.